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Policy and guidelines

Teachers and school leaders can find requirements and guidelines for implementing safe sport and physical activities in NSW public schools.

Sport and Physical Activity Policy

School leaders and sport organisers can find requirements for implementing sport and physical activity in your school.

Policy advice and support

Principals and teachers of sport and physical activity will find information and answers to frequently asked questions about the Sport and Physical Activity Policy. 


Sample whole school physical activity timetables

School leaders in sport and physical activity will find examples of timetables demonstrating minimum physical activity requirements.


Sport safety guidelines

School leaders and teachers will find essential information for planning an activity where students are physically active. This may include a weekly sport or PE program, an excursion or a school camp adventure activity.

Awareness presentation for Sport Safety Guidelines

School leaders can present  to staff the use of the guidelines when conducting sport and physical activity as part of education programs.

Health and Safety (DoE Intranet)

Teachers planning sport or physical activities will find guidance and tools in risk management for student activities.


Guide for schools on return to school sport and physical activity

This practical guide provides information for schools on the return to school sport and physical activity. The situation is constantly being reviewed and updates will be provided when available. Supporting students and staff remains our highest priority.


Have you seen our FAQ page

Find answers to frequently asked questions regarding sport and physical activity policy and guidelines.
If you cannot find an answer to your problem, please email or call us on the contact details below. 

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Policy advisor
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