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Your questions answered

We've put together some commonly asked questions to help you find what you are looking for across the NSW school sport website. They are split up into the different sections of the SSU and the website.


  • Creating a user profile (Login)
  • Subscribing to events
  • Exporting events to your calendar
  • Find events
  • Finding your school's sporting association
  • Finding names in results

Representative school sport pathways (RSSP)

  • Finding events, draws and results
  • Finding state records and archives
  • Queries regarding association contacts, applications, and forms
  • Knockouts/State-wide competitions queries

School swimming and water safety program (SSWSP)

  • Registering your school
  • Program guides
  • Funding queries
  • Benefits

NSW Premier's Sporting Challenge (PSC)

  • Login
  • Registration
  • Inputting results
  • Grant queries
  • Sports Leadership queries

Sport for students with disabilities

  • finding events specifically for students with disabilities
  • Events your child/student enter
  • Multi-Sports days

Teacher Professional Learning (TPL)

  • Where to find PL events
  • How to register for PL
  • Cost of PL
  • How long PL accreditations last

Policy and guidelines

  • Sport safety guidelines
  • Physical activity and the 150 minutes
  • Other policy FAQ's


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